Technical Diving

Technical diving is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the typical recreational limits imposed on depth and immersion time (bottom time).  Tec diving involves accelerated decompression and/ or the use of variable gas mixtures during a dive. Therefore, this advanced method of diving requires additional experience, training and equipment.

NAUI has long understood that its members crave deeper exploration and unspoiled aquatic life available beyond the recreational discipline. Hence, NAUI started the Technical Diving Division in 1997 with the goal of creating a higher standard of training.  NAUI’s training policies assure divers the highest instructor quality in order to provide the skills, knowledge and training required to manage this advanced level of diving, all while minimizing risk.



Featured Courses

Introduction to Technical Diving Skills

An introduction for recreational divers to the rigors and discipline of technical diving.

Mixed Gas and Decompression Diving

Technical divers use a variety of mixed gases to accomplish mission objectives.

Rebreather Diving

Observe sea life closer than you ever thought possible and explore underwater attractions in intimate detail as you silently move through the underwater world.

Overhead Environments

Divers love to explore and while most divers are content to confine their diving to the open water, allowing direct access to the surface at all times

Gas Blender and O2 Service Technician

As the popularity of mixed gas diving has increased, the diving profession kept paced by training professional gas blenders capable to providing the gases divers are using today.


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