Gas Blender and O2 Service Technician

Gas Blender and Oxygen Service Technician

Every diver knows that life begins with learning how to use compressed air to scuba dive beneath the surface. But all that changed when NAUI approved the use of Enriched Air Nitrox and later the use of helium-based mixes, each for a specific diving application. As the popularity of mixed gas diving has increased, the diving profession kept paced by training professional gas blenders capable to providing the gases divers are using today.

NAUI offers training programs for divers and dive industry personnel who need to prepare these gases locally. NAUI offers two distinct programs for gas blenders:

Nitrox Gas Blender and Oxygen Service Technician

This course is designed to provide the student with the skills and knowledge needed to safely handle high pressure gases, prepare enriched air (nitrox) gas mixes and prepare equipment for oxygen service.

Mixed Gas Blender and Oxygen Service Technician

This course contains similar content to the Nitrox Gas Blender program but includes the additional skill of handling and preparing helium-based mixed gases.

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